Custom Roving Services

Designed To Meet Specific Needs

Commencing in 1995, Eden I&R has a long history of providing Roving Services directly into the Community. Roving projects are designed to meet specific needs of funders seeking comprehensive or specialized information and referral for particular groups or clients.

Assisting Individuals And Households

A Rover has direct remote access to both the Eden I&R Health and Human Services database and the Eden I&R Housing database. A Rover uses those tools in real time to search for and refer to social services and housing resources to help assist individuals or households acquire critical resources.

Achieving Results And Overcoming Barriers

Eden I&R’s Rovers provide one-on-one case assistance to clients through collaborations with other agencies in Alameda County. Working with these partner agencies, the Rovers serve as a mobile caseworker providing low-income housing listings, health and human service referrals, and access to funds to meet specific client needs. The Rover is able to develop an individualized action plan for clients which includes listings of available rental units and services that fit the household’s needs. After the development of individualized plans, the Rover works with clients to help them achieve results and overcome barriers that will allow them to improve and stabilize their situation.

Examples of Past Roving Services Contracts

  • Roving Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing
    Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) was a contracted program with the Veterans Administration to assist homeless and unstably housed veterans in Alameda County. VASH clients were provided with the information, education, and advocacy needed to begin to secure and maintain stable and permanent housing.
  • Coyote Creek Flood Response Roving Housing Resource Specialist
    Through a contract with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, a dedicated Roving Resource Specialist was provided onsite at the Disaster Recovery Center to assist individuals displaced by the February 2017 Coyote Creek Flood.
  • San Pablo Street, West Oakland Fire Response Information & Referral Specialist
    In April, 2017 from a request we received from the Red Cross, an I&R Roving Resource Specialist was dispatched to provide services at the Disaster Resource Assistance Center hosted by the Red Cross and the City of Oakland.
  • Alameda Point Collaborative
    Roving services were provided from November 2005 through March 2014 through a contract with Alameda Point Collaborative. A Rover worked on-site at APC, presenting housing workshops and meeting one on one with residents to assist them apply for and find permanent housing.
  • Remote Phone Assistance for Nummi Plant Closure
    Beginning in April 2010, Remote Phone Assistance was provided to employees impacted by the Nummi Plant Closure.

Customized Roving Services Are Available

Based on the needs of previous agencies, our Roving contracts have ranged from a few days to several years in length. Additionally, we have provided Roving Resources to Outreach Events and Large Community Meetings lasting only a couple of hours. Eden I&R would be pleased to discuss providing roving services, either at a particular site location or throughout Alameda County, for community-based organizations, government agencies, schools, etc. Please contact us to discuss the scope and project budget at 510-537-2710 or