Problems Connecting to 2-1-1?

Can’t dial 2-1-1?

Are you having problems connecting with 2-1-1? In certain situations, some people may be unable to reach our 2-1-1 Call Center. Here are some reasons and what to do.

Please note that 2-1-1 Alameda experiences the highest call volume on weekdays between 10am and 3pm. If you are experiencing a long wait time, please try calling 2-1-1 outside of these hours. You may also e-mail 2-1-1 for referrals by contacting E-mail is checked Monday-Friday and you can expect an answer within two business days.

1. Calling from outside Alameda County

There are 2-1-1 services throughout California. If you don’t live in Alameda County and want information on services in Alameda County or are having trouble connecting to 2-1-1, please use our toll-free number: 888-886-9660.

2. Calling from a Cell Phone

2-1-1 is available through all cell phone carriers. However, if you can’t dial 2-1-1 from your phone, call our toll free number: 888-886-9660.

3. Calling from a Workplace

Company internal phone systems (formerly known as PBX-type phone systems) may need to be programmed to allow 2-1-1 to be dialed. If you are unable to access 2-1-1 from your work phone, contact your IT department, and ask them to set up the system to allow 2-1-1 to be dialed. Note: Remember to dial “9” first, if needed, to reach an outside line. Also, you may have to wait longer than usual, up to 10 seconds, after dialing 2-1-1.

4. Calling from Home

2-1-1 may not work correctly with alternate phone providers, such as Vonage, Earthlink or Comcast. Just like 911, you have to report your physical address to these providers, in order for 911 to work correctly. If you can’t dial 2-1-1 from home, then call our toll free number: 888-886-9660.

5. Calling from a Pay Phone

You may not be able to dial 2-1-1 from a pay phone if the pay phone provider has not yet programmed 2-1-1 calls to route properly. If you are unable to dial 2-1-1, then call our toll free number: 888-886-9660.

Call us, toll free: 888-886-9660

If you have had any problems calling 2-1-1, we would like to hear about it, so we can solve them for future callers. Please call us at: 888-886-9660 and report the details, including your phone number so our technical people can follow up.


You can also text 898211 Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm for assistance.