Housing Listing Subscriptions

Thousands of Units

Eden I&R’s Housing Databases currently contain information on thousands of units of affordable housing in Alameda County.


Subscriptions are intended for community-based organizations and other direct service providers seeking a comprehensive source of affordable housing information for their clients. A one-year subscription includes 24 installments in an electronic version in PDF format.


Subscriptions are available in PDF format and are updated biweekly.

Listings Include Information About:

  • Rent, deposit, total move-in cost
  • Credit check fee
  • Paid / unpaid utilities
  • Public transportation
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Allowance of pets
  • Specific notes from the landlord
  • And more…

Housing Subscriptions Contain Current Availabilities Of:

  • vendor pay rentals
  • subsidized rentals
  • below market rate rentals
  • shared housing
  • hotels/motels
  • single room occupancies
  • landlords who accept Section 8

Housing Subscription Prices

Emailed PDF Additional Online Subscription(s) Print Copy Additional Print Subscription(s)
Standard Price $230/year $125 $400/year $200
Small Nonprofits $140/year $75 $300/year $150
Large Nonprofits $180/year $100 $350/year $175
AHIP $80/year

Get Your Copy

To obtain a copy of the housing subscription, please call the Housing Resource Specialist at 510-727-9565, or email us at housing@edenir.org.

Terms of Use

To help ensure the proper use of our housing data we require that all subscribers sign a Housing Subscription Memorandum of Understanding regarding their use of the information provided under the housing subscription.

According to the copyright infringement clause in our Housing Subscription Memorandum of Understanding, subscribers are not allowed to make copies of the printed lists for distribution to their other sites.