Our Data Directly Integrated Into Your Website

Robust Database

Eden I&R maintains a robust database of Agencies (over 1100) and Programs (over 2900) to respond to requests for information that are received through our 2-1-1 service. The database system currently in use for managing health and human service data for each agency and program, includes the classification of services offered using the AIRS Taxonomy of Human Services. Each program record contains numerous data fields each holding specific items of information relevant to the services being provided. Two examples of the many fields captured for a specific program record are proximity to public transportation and accessibility for people living with disabilities. Each of these program records helps our 2-1-1 phone resource specialists directly assist each caller to determine what services might align best with their specified needs.

Partnerships to Make Our Data More Accessible

Eden I&R has created partnerships with various organizations inside and outside of Alameda County to make our data more accessible to the specific client’s needs of each organization. As an example, we created a special transportation portal of information in our Resource Finder website in partnership with AC Transit. This online portal contains real time data directly from our database of resources. Additionally, Eden I&R has provided numerous organizations with one time exports of resource information for a specific project need.

Client Demographic Data

Separate from the Agency and Program service information we maintain in our database, our call/client tracking component of the database is capable of tracking detailed information about each call and caller. This includes a wide range of client demographic data and specifics about the types of services being requested and the referrals given. To see an example of a few of these statistical related capabilities, please click here to view our reports page, and then click on one of our monthly reports.

Available Options

There are a variety of options available to us to engage in an agreement with your organization to share and utilize the data we maintain. Below are the three primary methods.

  1. Customized Search Portal of Targeted Resources Information Directly Embedded in Your Website. This search portal can be customized behind the scenes to present search results or clickable buttons for specific categories that your consumers of the data/information might find most relevant. The benefit of this solution is that the folks using your website remain on your website and seamlessly browse the external source of data that we maintain in our database. Changes made within our database are reflected automatically within your website.
  2. Customized Exchange of Data using an API. By utilizing an API and associated security key we are able to enable you to integrate and use are data in a variety of ways. This could be a specific mobile app, or a read and write exchange of data based on additional partnering requirements. The API solution gives you additional flexibility on how the data is utilized and represented on your website or directly integrated into your internal systems.
  3. Export of Resources into a CSV or Excel File. Several of our partner organizations have had a need to utilize resource information for a one-time project. Upon their selection of specific AIRS taxonomy categories and specific fields from our database, we have generated exports of our data for them to utilize and format to meet their unique requirements.

Please contact us at 510-537-2710 to discuss any of the above options in more detail.