Housing Academy

Unique Program

Created by Eden I&R in 2003, the Housing Academy is a unique program resulting from our many years assisting homeless individuals. Designed to be practical and usable, the Academy is a series of presentations that address problems and challenges unique to those who are homeless.

Making Better and More Informed Tenants

The goal of the Housing Academy is to provide individuals with the information they need to access affordable housing and to become good tenants, therefore ensuring successful long-term residency. The Academy was developed in response to the Bay Area’s competitive rental market that demands that tenants understand where and how to apply to allow them more successful access to affordable housing. The skills training portion usually consists of 12 hours of intensive training on presentations skills, credit and criminal background issues and how to work with a landlord. This portion can be modified to fit the needs of participants and schedule of the program. The Housing Academy educates individuals and families in skills that will make them better and more informed tenants.

Group Setting Offers a Positive and Supportive Dynamic

Because the step-by-step process to prepare clients for housing is similar for everyone, our staff is able to work with several clients at once. Working with a group provides a much more complete and extensive preparation for clients than sporadic one-on-one meetings. The group setting also offers a positive and supportive dynamic. Participants are able to overcome their sense of isolation and benefit from the support and ideas of their peers. Each group is kept small enough to ensure that each participant gets personal attention to their needs and access to a complete and consistent set of skill-building resources. Additionally participants are provided numerous leads to housing, assistance in completing applications and a workbook.

More Information

If you have further questions about the program please call our Housing Coordinator at 510-727-9506.