Event: Alchemy to Manhood @Oakland Peace Center July 27, 2019

Urban Healers presents


“A Celebration of Healthy Masculinity for Same Gender Loving GBTQ Black Men”

Oakland Peace Center

111 Fairmont Avenue, Oakland, CA  94611

July 27, 2019, 1 pm to 4 pm

$10 to $20

Urban Healers, an Oakland-based group that initiates men into healthy masculinity, will present the event “The Alchemy of Manhood: A Celebration of Healthy Masculinity for Same Gender Loving GBTQ Black Men” at the Oakland Peace Center on July 27, 2019. Urban Healers was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This interactive event is a safe and enjoyable way for same-gender-loving Black men to heal ourselves and our community,” says cultural organizer Butterfly Williams, “as we transform masculinity into a practice of communication, consent and connection.”

The community-based event offers a live DJ dance party, elder dialogue, alchemical art-making and a psychedelic funk band by, for and about same-gender-loving Black men. Presenters at the event include Blackberri, a pioneer in the gay men’s music movement; DJ Lamont, a professional DJ and radio show host; OMB, a four man funk band; and Butterfly Williams, a PhD candidate in Psychology at Saybrook University.

The event enjoys support from a variety of community-based organizations, including:

  • The Tenth Magazine – a glossy visual arts and literary journal by and about same-gender-loving Black men.
  • Pacific Center for Human Growth – a community center for LGBTQ mental health;
  • AIDS Housing Information Project – an agency that provides referrals to resources for people living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Fingersnaps Media Arts – an organization that provides instruction for up-and-coming DJs; and
  • The Iruke Project – a multimedia production company;

Organizational Co-Sponsors: Urban Healers, Fingersnaps Media Arts, The Iruke Project, Pacific Center for Human Growth, The Tenth Magazine and AIDS Housing Information Project

More Information (Facebook): http://bit.ly/alchemyofmanhood

Tickets (Eventbrite): http://bit.ly/alchemyofmanhoodtix

Previous Media (San Francisco Chronicle): http://bit.ly/urbanhealersinsfc