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Roving Housing Resource Program (RHRP)

Initiated in 1995, the Roving Housing Resource Program (RHRP) assists individuals and families who are low-income and at risk of becoming homeless in accessing and leveraging community resources to help them maintain and stabilize their housing situation. Please note: While 211 is available to all, the RHRP is only available to clients of agencies that have contracted to receive these services.

The RHRP relies on three key program components

  • Eden I & R's extensive Housing Database of low cost rental housing in Alameda County
  • the Housing Academy of workshops containing an overview of affordable housing, how to find it and tips on how to apply, fair housing and tenant landlord law, credit reports and what to correct, and finally, selling yourself to a landlord
  • the Rover's intensive one-on-one assistance and advocacy, which may include securing back rent and deposit assistance.

Housing Database

The RHRP Rover utilizes Eden I & R's Housing Database to provide housing leads to clients. Currently the database contains over 80,000 units, including information on Section 8 units, Public Housing units, voucher programs, transitional and supportive housing, and Below Market Rate rental units. Eden I & R has managed this free housing listing for Alameda County since 1989.

A critical aspect to the ever increasing number of units is landlord outreach. Landlords and property managers are contacted on a daily basis in order to update the database and develop new listings. It is Eden I & R's goal to provide accurate and complete information on available housing openings. Each record contains details about eligibility, the application process and property details thus making the housing search more efficient and user friendly.  Eden I & R works closely with the Rental Housing Owner Association in Alameda County in order to develop innovative ways to market the housing list to new landlords as well as encourage landlords to rent to low-income individuals.

Housing Academy

RHRP offers Housing Academies, intensive skills-building workshops for families and individuals who need affordable housing. The core curriculum includes sessions on housing search techniques and resources, budgeting and credit review, personal presentation skills, rental agreements, and tenant responsibilities in order to help clients maintain their housing. Sessions are customized based on participant needs and made available at partner community agency sites. Housing Academies can also be geared to families and individuals who are already housed and wish to have a successful rental experience. Participants learn how to maintain their housing by using community resources like food banks, utility assistance and rental assistance, as well as how to communicate with landlords and to understand tenant/landlord law. Please note: While 211 is available to all, the RHRP is only available to clients of agencies that have contracted to receive these services.

One-on-One Assistance and Advocacy

Eden I & R's Rovers provide one-on-one case assistance to clients through collaborations with other agencies in Alameda County. Working with these partner agencies, the Rovers serve as a mobile caseworker providing low-income housing listings, health and human service referrals, and access to funds to meet specific client needs. With a laptop computer and the capacity to access both Eden I & R's Housing Database and its Health and Human Services Database, the Rover is able to develop an individualized action plan for clients which includes listings of available rental units and services that fit the household's needs. After the development of individualized plans, the Rover works with clients to help them achieve results and overcome barriers that will allow them to improve and stabilize their housing situation. These barriers may include evictions, criminal backgrounds, poor credit, and illiteracy.

The efficiency of having a Rover travel to various sites to assist clients in seeking housing and other services prompted the development of several specialized Roving services which include:

  • Roving Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing

    Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) is a contracted program with the Veterans Administration that draws on the flexibility of Eden I & R's Rover to assist homeless and unstably housed veterans in Alameda County. VASH clients were provided with the information, education, and advocacy needed to begin to secure and maintain stable and permanent housing. During contract year 2014, Eden I & R's Veterans Housing Program assisted 118 clients.

  • Aids Housing and Information Project

    The AIDS Housing and Information Project (AHIP) has two components:

    1. a specialized phone line where callers can receive information and referrals to housing and human services designed for people living with HIV/AIDS in Alameda county
    2. an AHIP Rover who visits various AIDS service organizations and meets with clients living with HIV/AIDS who are in need of customized housing and human services. In FY 2014, the AHIP Rover served 373 unduplicated clients and assisted 911 callers.

During FY 2014 240 clients were seen in person and 1453 were serviced over the phone. A total of 249 resources and 1552 subsidized housing applications and affordable housing referrals were given.

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