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Real Life Stories

  • What People are Saying About 2-1-1
  • 2-1-1 Call Examples
"At LifeLong Medical West Berkeley we use 211 frequently. It’s one of the most frequent resources we provide to our patients who often have many needs. At times, while patients are in clinic we help them make the call if they have no phone or are have difficulty communicating their needs. We also ask our medical providers to provide the 211 number to their homeless patients. 211 specialists ask the right questions and are very helpful."

- Gillian Fynn, LCSW, Manager Psychosocial Services, Lifelong Medical West Berkeley

"I am a Family Navigator at Family Resource Network (FRN) who helps families that are referred from professionals such as physicians from Childrens Hospital or Highland Hospital to access services like the Early Intervention Program at Regional Center of East Bay or Special Education in school districts. FRN also offers free parent support groups, resources, and workshops to educate families on Special Education and parenting education. I am thrilled to learn that your agency is so responsive. I will continue to send families who are in need of housing to your agency. Thank you very much"

- Cam-Mi La, Bilingual Resource Counselor, Family Resource Network

"I use 211 daily. 211 provides connections to transitional and emergency housing opportunities for the young people I serve at Youth UpRising. At Youth UpRising, the young people I work with often have housing needs that require immediate support. I love the simplicity of 211 and the added security of knowing that the resources listed are current and reliable, allowing me to quickly assist youth in gaining stability and comfort."

- Kellisha Moore, Intake Case Manager, Youth Uprising

"The clients love both [Veterans Housing Resource Specialists]. It takes a team to help house veterans in Alameda and Contra Costa County. I am really happy with your services, and your Veteran Rovers are both fantastic.” "

- Tracy Cascio, LCSW, Homeless Program Manager, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

"This is my second time calling 2-1-1 and your employee was very resourceful…he provided me with many resources…as well as names of organizations, the contact phone numbers, addresses and locations…and I was given several resources to assist me with what I was looking for. I got more information than I had anticipated, so I am grateful for that and I really appreciate the service."
"I just want to say I fully appreciate the services that you guys are rendering. And you guys are very informative and give information that people need."
"The [Resource Specialist] tried so hard to help me with my dilemma. I just want to tell you that you are lucky to have her on your staff. [The Resource Specialist was] a really wonderful and caring person and she once again went out of her way to help me with my situation…Thank you for all your help."
link iconA single mother in Alameda called to inquire about rental assistance for herself and her children. The caller was referred to Alameda County Social Services Agency Season of Sharing, and Operation Dignity for rental payment assistance.
link iconA Spanish speaking man from Oakland called to inquire about child support assistance and job assistance. The caller was referred to Centro de Servicios and Alameda County Department of Child Support Services for child support assistance, and to East Bay Works One-Stop Career Center for job assistance. After the referrals were given the caller told the Resource Specialist that he was suicidal and the caller was promptly connected with the Crisis Support Service Hotline of Alameda County.
link iconA Dublin resident who is a mother to five children all under age 10, one of whom is disabled, called for information on homeless shelters and for contact information for 2-1-1 in Sonoma County. The caller was provided referrals for Henry Robinson Multi-Service Center, Berkeley Food & Housing and Bay Area Rescue Mission for emergency shelter, as well as to Helping Hands Homes and Alpha Omega for transitional housing. The caller was also provided 2-1-1 information in Sonoma County. The caller called back later in September for information on deposit assistance and free furniture in order to move into a rental unit. The caller was referred to Season of Sharing, Operation Dignity and Catholic Charities for assistance with rental deposit, and for furniture to Full Gospel Ministries and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

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