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AIDS Housing and Information Project (AHIP)

Eden I&R welcomes its new AHIP Coordinator,
Judy Eliachar, to the AHIP team!”

How can clients get assistance from the AIDS Housing & Information Project's Roving Housing Resource Specialist?

The AHIP Rover travels to various AIDS Service Organizations throughout Alameda County and meets one-on-one with people living with HIV/AIDS. Clients can also access AHIP services by calling the dedicated phone line; 510-537-2600, open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

What is the AHIP Roving Housing Resource Program?

The Roving Housing Resource Program is one of the programs operated by Eden I&R. It was developed to provide intensive, one-on-one client services regarding housing and resource issues to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Why should clients seek help from the AHIP Roving Housing Resource Specialist?

The Rover is very knowledgeable about most housing related issues in Alameda County. The Rover has partnerships with many landlords and property management companies throughout Alameda County, plus access to Eden I&R's specialized housing database that lists hundreds of affordable housing units, such as properties with Housing Opportunities for People Living with AIDS (HOPWA) units, which is housing dedicated specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Rover can also give clients referrals to community resources such as food, furniture, deposit assistance, medical resources and other valuable information.

When should clients seek assistance from the AHIP Roving Housing Resource Specialist?

Clients should not wait until right before they need to move! Alameda County has a very tight rental market so it is important to start looking several months before planning to move. The Rover can assist clients with being placed on HOPWA and other subsidized waiting lists.

Waiting lists can be quite long, and they open and close quickly. It is important to get on them as soon as possible and far in advance of needing housing. Even if clients are not looking for housing now, they can get on these lists. The Rover can tell clients which lists are open and assist them with getting on these lists.

Benefits of the Roving Housing Resource Program:

  • Access to hundreds of affordable housing units in Alameda County
  • Service referrals to over 1,200 providers that fit your needs
  • One-on-one client services and advocacy specifically for housing issues
  • Waiting list information for HOPWA, other subsidized, and Below Market Rate (BMR) units
  • Access to HOPWA applications for housing
  • Referrals to market rate housing that is currently available
  • Assistance that will last until you find a new home!

For more information, call:

Local: 510-537-2600
Toll Free: 877-424-3746

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